Jim Sperber | Bio

Born in 1968 in Evanston, Illinois, Jim Sperber was adopted at two months old and moved to New York City where he grew up. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, and his Master of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts. Sperber returned to New York from California in 1994 where he now lives and works.

Sperber’s inspiration comes from the modernist tradition. His inventive processes are at the core of his current work. Layers of painting styles are applied, building depth to their creation. His paintings are about a certain kind of beauty and a certain kind of work ethic both defined by control and chaos, color theory, movement and time.

His current body of work continues his exploration of the balance between the human instinct for control and structure versus freedom and emotional expression. Through tight brushwork, layered steel wires and repetition of line, a sense of order is achieved. Pouring and dripping paint in this controlled environment challenge this order by introducing an element of restricted chaos and organic movement. These counterintuitive forces bring the work to a place of both calm and exhilaration.

Sperber’s work has been shown at the New Museum, Art in General, The Lehman Art Gallery and many other galleries nationally.